Chitocure Rejuvenating Bath 480ml

Chitocure Rejuvenating Bath 480ml

  • $37.50

An all-natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial formula, Rejuvenating Bath is specifically designed to alleviate problems like dry skin, dermatitis and fungal growth. 

If your pet is suffering from dry skin, dermatitis and even fungal growth, Chitocure’s natural formula is specifically designed to alleviate these problems. 

Chitocure's line of pet care products are enriched using the natural extract - Chitosan. 

Chitosan is a natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic extract from shellfish. 

It has natural anti-bacterial and antifungal properties, by binding to the surface of the skin and hair, Chitosan creates a protective coat to seal in nutrients and moisture. 

Mix 1 part Rejuvenating Bath to 30 parts water.
2. Apply thoroughly into fur and massage into skin after shampooing. Leave in for 3-5 minutes.
3. Rinse off and towel dry.