Happy Cat Minkas Geflugel( poultry) cat dry food

Happy Cat Minkas Geflugel( poultry) cat dry food

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Happy Cats is made with natural life concept and is specially for cats as it helps with hairball control, necessary taurine, high proportion of animal-based protein, ph control for urinary tract health and dental care

Key benefit

  • Cellulose fibers in food to pick up swallowed hairs and remove them naturally in stool
  • Taurine is a vital amino acid for healthy eyes and heart
  • Addition of special amino acids reduces urine pH
  • Croquette structure encourages chewing and friction from cellulose fibers clean the teeth
  • join health support made with New Zealand green- lipped mussels that naturally promotes joint, ligament and nerve health
  • omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids are unsaturated that is important for healthy skin coat and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Taste guarantee with high quality ingredients create an extremely tasty food
Happy Cat Minkas Geflugel
  • Minkas with poultry is a nutritious basic food for adult cat
  • Nutritious animal proteins , no soya or other vegetable protein extracts and high quality grain mean 
  • easily digestible
  • Made with ingredient from Bavaria
  • No soya

Suitable for

Adult Cats