Red Dingo Martingale Half-Check

  • $8.00

Red Dingo Martingale Half-check provides a range of colours for your dog. 
  • Available in Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Lime Green, Green, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Medium blue, Hot Pink, Pink & Purple
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Please measure your dog’s neck in order to determine the appropriate size
  • Please specify at least 2 alternative suitable colours at checkout in case your colour of choice is unavailable


  1. Small – 12mm (width), adjustable 21-33cm (length) (Suitable for smaller breeds such as chihuahua or yorkshire)
  2. Medium – 15mm (width), adjustable ~30-45cm (length) (Suitable for Miniature Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer , Shih Tzu)
  3. Large – 20mm (width), adjustable ~30-45cm (length) (Suitable for Japanese Spitz, Shetland Sheepdog)
  4. XLarge – 25mm (width), adjustable 41-62cm (length) (German Shepard, Golden Retriver)