Reliq Advanced Ear Solution For Dogs 120ml

  • $24.90

Key Benefits

  • Special blend of herbs & nano-enhanced minerals
  • Fragrance & alcohol free
  • Ideal for sensitive ears


    A dog’s ears can get funky, leading to painful infections if not cared for. Reliq's special blend of natural herbal extracts and unique nano-enhanced minerals gently loosen and remove dirt, debris and ear wax, naturally restoring and maintaining healthy ears for dogs and cats. 

    Reliq advanced ear solution cleans and dissolves waxy build-up. Naturally relieves irritation and removes odor. Helps maintain clean and healthy ears. 

    The Reliq solution is the best natural approach. Fragrance and alcohol free. This non-irritating formula is perfect for the most sensitive ears. 

    Laboratory tested and proven effective control microbes causing ear infection. 

    Purified water, Rosemary essential oil, Volcanic minerals, Witch hazel extract, Calendula silvestre extract.