Schesir Chicken with Potatoes Canned Dog Food 285g

Schesir Chicken with Potatoes Canned Dog Food 285g

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Schesir Nature Chicken with Potatoes is a highly valuable wet canned food for all dogs.
Schesir stands out for its exceptional taste of selected, delicious components such as Pacific Tuna and chicken.

Only hormone-free chicken and fish caught from the open seas are used to make these foods for your furry friend, and are then carefully selected, steam-cooked and hand processed.

Taste, aroma and consistency of Schesir wet canned food are charmingly tasty, even for the most picky dogs.
Exceptional tasty is guaranteed due to precise control and the highest quality. 


Key Benefits:

  • Contains no preservatives, additives or colourings
  • Carefully selected and made with hormone free chicken
  • Contains vegetables for fiber
  • Ingredients fit for human consumption
  • For all life stages

          Chicken 45% (of which fillets 20%, gizzards 13%, hearts 8%, livers 4%), potatoes 5%, rice 3%, carrots 2%, minerals 

          Nutritional Analysis
          Vit. A 1650 U.I., vit. D3 180 U.I., vit. E 10 mg, protein 10%, crude oils and fats 2%, crude fibres 0,5%, crude ash 2%, moisture 83%